Strengthening our economy to secure jobs and investment

The Canberra Liberals’ fresh vision to reduce cost pressures on local small and family businesses will stimulate the local economy and create jobs to help more Canberrans get ahead.  The Canberra Liberals will deliver lower taxes and red tape reductions as an important stimulus measure to strengthen the local economy and create more jobs.   We’ll do this by freezing commercial rates for two years on the provision that landlords pass … Read more

Australian first purpose-built neighbourhood for people with dementia

An Australian first purpose-built neighbourhood designed to encourage social interaction and foster a sense of belonging for people with dementia will be explored by a Canberra Liberals Government. A Canberra Liberals Government will work with The Neighbourhood, to ensure there are no barriers to delivering a purpose-built neighbourhood that provides connected living, community, social interaction and 24-hour support for people with dementia in the ACT. Liberal … Read more

Liberals to halve waiting times, increase surgery capacity and provide better access to specialists

The Canberra Liberals will halve wait times, increase surgery capacity and ensure better access to health specialists. On top of the Canberra Liberals’ plan to turbocharge our way through 70,000 surgeries over the next term of government, a Canberra Liberals Government will also deliver 30,000 outpatient specialist services. This will mean that children will no longer have to wait … Read more

Liberals declare war on hospital wait times

Elective surgeries and Emergency Departments will be turbocharged and waiting times halved under a Canberra Liberals Government.  A Canberra Liberals Government will declare war on the ACT’s blown out waiting lists by turbocharging the number of elective surgeries performed and supercharging the capacity of our emergency departments.    Canberra families cannot afford four more years of deepening crises in our health system. Labor’s plan to potter around and delay action for four more years will set Canberra backwards and … Read more

Locally focused healthcare solutions to lower costs, improve access and reduce pressure on hospitals

A Canberra Liberals Government will deliver world-class but locally focused healthcare solutions to lower costs, improve access to specialised care and reduce pressure on emergency departments.  On top of our plan to cut cost of living pressure by saving the average family more than $200 per year in visits to the doctor, a Canberra Liberals Government … Read more

Liberals to deliver more gap-free and after-hours GPs

A Canberra Liberals Government will ensure more gap-free and after-hours GP services across Canberra which could save the average Canberra family more than $200 per year in doctor fees. The Canberra Liberals are committed to delivering lower taxes and better services to make Canberra the best place to live, work and raise a family. That’s why we’re committed to making trips to the doctor more … Read more

Liberals to deliver better support for mental healthcare patients and staff

Better support for mental health patients and staff will be the focus of the Canberra Liberals’ strategy to improve mental healthcare in the ACT.  Patients requiring mental healthcare in Canberra have suffered from critical delays to treatment, sometimes waiting on average 16.2 hours to be admitted into dedicated mental healthcare. The growing pressure in the ACT’s mental health system … Read more

Liberals to deliver dedicated residential care home for new mothers

Mothers experiencing severe mental health challenges before and after birth will be supported through a new dedicated residential care home under a Canberra Liberals Government.  The residential care home will provide holistic care to Canberra women experiencing severe anxiety, depression and, in more extreme circumstances, mania and psychosis which can occur soon after giving birth. Presently women with postnatal depression have to travel interstate to receive the care … Read more

New multipurpose indoor sports complex for Gungahlin

Gungahlin residents who participate in a range of sporting codes will have a new home in an indoor multipurpose sports complex.  A Canberra Liberals Government will work with the local community to select a site, design and construct a new $12.7 million multipurpose facility to provide all-weather, day and night access for a range of sporting codes as well as school sport and community activities. With six … Read more