Good News for Canberra

Community to control West Basin, Curtin Horse Paddocks saved under Liberal Government

Future development of the West Basin will reflect the character of the Bush Capital and be determined by the Canberra community under a Canberra Liberals Government.

The Liberals will not support Andrew Barr’s apartment precinct money grab. That’s why a Canberra Liberals Government will stop Andrew Barr’s plans to develop big apartment blocks on the West Basin. We will give interested Canberrans ample opportunity to have their say on its use. A Canberra Liberals Government will also fight to end the deal with the National Capital Authority to ensure the highly valued North Curtin Horse Paddocks can remain a recreational asset for the inner south.

The Leader of the Canberra Liberals Alistair Coe said Lake Burley Griffin is an iconic feature of the Australian Capital and its future use should preserve both its symbolic and community significance.

“Lake Burley Griffin is a national treasure with enormous symbolic power,” Mr Coe said.

“It was created for the enjoyment of Canberrans and visitors alike. We need to ensure that any future development of the site respects community wishes and preserves the historic character of the lake.”

While the Canberra Liberals welcome investment in commercial and residential development, the Barr Government’s fixation on building multi-unit apartment blocks on the lake is misplaced.

“Rather than establishing yet another competing precinct, now is the time consolidate, promote and properly maintain our City and other local centres,” Mr Coe said.

“There are so many opportunities to build, refresh and renew the decaying corners of our City and local centres. With this approach, we can ensure the protection of our natural environment which Canberrans overwhelmingly enjoy and access,” Mr Coe said.

Across the lake, Liberal Member for Murrumbidgee Giulia Jones has long championed the preservation of the North Curtin Horse Paddocks. With her one-hit wonder rendition of Big Yellow Taxi, Giulia has fought to save this local piece of paradise.

“Canberrans are dismayed at losing so much precious green spaces to apartment blocks,” Mrs Jones said.

“Despite the North Curtin Horse Paddock being a highly cherished community asset, Labor’s trade-off was done without any community consultation under the cover of a global pandemic. The irony is that the coronavirus crisis reinforced just how precious open green space is for the mental health and wellbeing of the community.

“Many Canberrans feel like they have been sold out and fear that none of their green space is safe from development under Labor.

“The Labor-Greens Government underhandedly pushed through a bad deal for Canberra. Only a Canberra Liberals Government will rip up this bad deal and save the Curtin horse paddocks to protect this important green space,” Mrs Jones said.