Reducing the Cost of Living

Rates Freeze Guarantee

A Canberra Liberals Government will freeze rates for four years to reduce cost-of-living pressures. 

Our rates freeze will provide relief to Canberrans and bring back predictability and security to household budgets.

Rates revenue makes up just 10% of the ACT’s Budget, and our rates freeze will impact the ACT Budget by less than 1%.

Canberra households will save $1500 with our Rates Freeze Guarantee.

How will we afford it?

Lowering car registration fees

Under a Canberra Liberals Government, a private car owner will save between $84.10 and $98.90, depending on the weight of their vehicles. The Liberals’ plan to reduce vehicle registration costs will deliver an immediate benefit to every struggling household that owns a car and to the local economy. 

Weight What you pay now (rego +  CTP) What you will pay (rego + CTP) Annual Benefit
Up to 975 kg $1234.50 $1139.10 $95.40
976 kg to 1154 $1301.90 $1207.80 $94.10
1155 kg to 1504 kg $1393.90 $1309.80 $84.10
1505 kg to 2504 kg$ 1751.50 $1652.60 $98.90

$200 Active and Creative Kids Vouchers

The Canberra Liberals will reduce the cost of living for families by providing Active and Creative Kids vouchers. Every child in years 7-9, regardless of their school, will receive two $100 vouchers that can be redeemed for sport and creative extracurricular activities. These vouchers will support families and provide children with opportunities to get active, learn new skills and develop new relationships.

More gap free GPs

A Canberra Liberals Government will ensure more gap-free and after-hours GP services across Canberra which could save the average Canberra family more than $200 per year in doctor fees. 

We will ensure more gap-free GP services across Canberra through a targeted business assistance program for local GPs. The program will incentivise participating local GP clinics to increase bulk billing rates and opening hours by reducing rates, providing energy rebates and other forms of business assistance. 

Peter and Rachael have 3 kids under 16. Usually they go to their local GP who has a $60.25 gap for a 15 minute appointment. Assuming that all members of the household visit the doctor at least once a year, by increasing the availability of gap-free GPs, they will save $301.25 per year.