Better Education Outcomes

Deliver better education outcomes

A Canberra Liberals government will: 

  • ensure our schools are anchored in the core subjects of English, mathematics, science and languages and will declutter the curriculum where necessary. 
  • provide teachers with better access to high quality training and data to ensure they are best placed to help students improve their education outcomes.
  • hire 50 new teacher librarians to ensure that every ACT Government school has a fully qualified teacher librarian on a full-time basis.
  • provide additional support for teachers at the school level to assist with administrative tasks to ensure they are given back as much time as possible to focus on what they do best. 
  • remove duplication from teacher reporting requirements and streamline the time-consuming processes for other administrative tasks.
  • provide accredited language education for high school students in specialised language hubs. Classes will be fully accredited and count towards the completion of a Year 10 Certificate and ACT Senior Secondary Certificate.
  • undertake a full audit of the ACT’s language programs and resources and benchmark existing programs against top-performing jurisdictions.
  • deliver a wellness program to all Year 3 students in ACT Government primary schools. 
  • provide teachers with mental health first aid training.
  • allow schools to access additional pastoral support through the Federal Government’s School Chaplaincy Program and explore opportunities for improved connections between schools and community organisations.
  • run a one-year pilot of the Clontarf academy in an ACT Government School.

Reduce cost of living pressures on families

  • We will ensure that ACT Government funding for Catholic schools is linked to 25% of funding provided to government schools by 2025. This measure will bring the ACT in line with the rest of Australia and put downward pressure on school fees for the more than 19,000 ACT parents who have enrolled their children in Catholic schooling.
  • We will deliver a fairer funding model for independent schools to improve the education outcomes of children with special needs.  Funding decisions will be based on the specific needs of students and schools in the sector, taking into consideration socio-economic factors such as parental income and students with special needs.
  • We will also partner with our schools and parent communities to identify and prioritise school infrastructure improvements for the non-government school sector.
  • The Canberra Liberals will reduce the cost of living for families by providing Active and Creative Kids vouchers. Every child in years 7-9, regardless of their school, will receive two $100 vouchers that can be redeemed for sport and creative extracurricular activities. 
  • The Canberra Liberals will bring back dedicated school buses. 

Provide the best and safest learning environments

The Canberra Liberals will build new schools in new and emerging regions of Canberra including Molonglo Valley and Gungahlin, including:

  • A new preschool to Year 6 school at Throsby;
  • A new high school in Kenny;
  • A new preschool to Year 6 school in Denman Prospect; and
  • A new high school in East Gungahlin.

The Canberra Liberals will also expand existing schools including:

  • Expanding the Franklin Early Childhood School to a full pre-school to Year 6 school;
  • Expanding the Gold Creek School’s senior campus;
  • Adding new teaching and learning spaces at Gungahlin College;
  • More classrooms for Hawker Primary School and Lyneham High School; and
  • Expanding the capacity of Harrison School, Gold Creek School, Neville Bonner Primary School and Palmerston District Primary School.

The Canberra Liberals would partner with local schools to plant and care for trees, including implementing a tree planting program in all ACT Government schools.

All Canberra children will receive a tree on their first day of kindergarten as part of the Canberra Liberals’ plan to deliver one million trees to ensure a sustainable future for all. Every child will receive a voucher on their first day of kindergarten for a tree from a Canberra nursery of their choice. Families can use the voucher to redeem a tree, or a pot plant if that is more suitable to their premises, to plant in their own backyard.

$15 million school maintenance boost

The Canberra Liberals will:

  • undertake an independent audit of ACT Government school buildings and facilities to identify future needs and funding requirements. 
  • conduct an urgent assessment of ACT Government school infrastructure to identify and safely remove toxic material including lead, mould and asbestos.
  • invest an additional $15 million to fund scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and allow Parent and Citizen Associations to install CCTV (in accordance with relevant privacy legislation) to protect their facilities from costly vandalism.

We will develop new school drop-off and pick-up areas and install flashing lights outside primary schools to increase the visibility of school zones and improve student safety. 

The Canberra Liberals will also provide crossing supervisors for schools that need them.

You can read our full education plan here.