Good News for Canberra

Liberals will deliver a tree planting program in all ACT government schools

As part of our plan to plant and care for one million trees over ten years, a Canberra Liberals Government will recognise Australia’s largest community tree planting and nature protection event with a tree planting program in all ACT government schools. The Shadow Minister for Environment Elizabeth Lee said Schools Tree Day, a branch of National Tree Day, is a great opportunity to teach future generations about how to care for the local environment to ensure a sustainable future for all. “We are ambitious for Canberra’s environment and for Canberra’s future. That’s why we’re committed to planting and caring for one million trees in the ACT,” Ms Lee said. “This is about delivering real and practical solutions that everyone can get involved in to protect our environment to make Canberra the best place to live, work and raise a family. “We want all ACT school students to get involved, get their hands dirty and plant trees that will grow old with our community. “Our tree planting program in all ACT government schools will help teach our children from a young age to care for the environment that cares for them,” Ms Lee said. A Canberra Liberals Government will also give every child a free tree on their first day of kindy and deliver a Green Space Guarantee to ensure all families and households can access precious green space within a ten-minute walk from home. By contrast, earlier this week the Education Minister Yvette Berry heralded Labor’s record tree planting at schools which equated to less than five trees per school since 2017. Canberra’s tree canopy and precious green space have gone backwards under ACT Labor and the Greens who will only commit to planting 450,000 trees over a quarter of a century. Further, Labor’s tired old agenda to maximise profits through land sales means our beloved Bush Capital is increasingly becoming Andrew Barr’s multi-unit utopia.